Go baggage free with new travel coats

As human beings, anything multi-purpose items tend to catch our attention, just look at how popular the swiss army knife is, or mobile phones that do a whole lot more than their primary purpose.

Enter the ScotteVest. We’ve all seen/heard those crazy people in the papers wearing customised jackets so they can squeeze more than their standard entitlement.

This jacket has the potential to provide the wearer with up to 30 additional storage pockets when traveling. there are compartments for everything from Sunglasses, water bottles and even tablets.


The coat boasts some bank balance saving tech as well though. With many bank accounts and credit card providers now issuing contactless payment, scammers are cashing in on the convenience of the new payment method. These coats have RFID blocking pockets to keep the scammers at bay. Something that is actually pretty useful.

All in all, I guess it’s their way of putting two fingers up at the low cost carriers that charge extra for checked baggage, but is it taking things a bit far?

Would you make use of a coat like this, to save the cost of checking a bag in?

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