Tile – My new favourite travel gadget!

I love a gadget. Technology plays a large part in my life, in fact, it’s the way I pay my bills every month in my IT job! There are also a lot of things I don’t like. Queueing at baggage carousels is high on my list of annoyances! This is where I thought Tile would be helpful.

The tile is small, but effective for its purpose!

TIle is a very simple bit of tech, running from a built in battery and bluetooth, connected to your phone using a simple mobile app with the intention of being used to keep track of things, from your keys, wallet or even your pet!

Tile has a huge network of users, allowing your tile to come into range of someone else with an enabled app, improving the traceability of your item. Larger airports are great for this with Heathrow having 213 nearby users last time I was there.

Below are some screenshots from a trip to Gibraltar last week. While everyone else was impatiently hovering around the baggage carousel waiting for their bags, I was able to take a seat and chill out, knowing that i could track my suitcase from afar! I then got up when the proximity circle was complete, picked up my bag and left.

Tile App Tile app 2 Tile app 3











The range of the Tile is around about 40 meters (150 feet), although I’ve never needed to stand that far back from the carousel to keep out of the hustle and bustle. This is obviously dependant on what is obstructing the view between you and your tile.

You are able to pick these up for a range of different prices depending where you are shopping. I managed to get mine on eBay (Brand new) for about £10 each, which seems cheaper than places like amazon, so worth shopping around for a good deal!

Have you got any top tech suggestions to improve your travels? I’m open to suggestions, especially as this is a real weak point for me!!

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