Dubai’s new British Airways lounge

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TripHacker lounge rating 57% – The lack of personal space, poor food options and any outside view really impacts the score of this lounge.

I was quite excited about visiting this lounge, following a recent refurbishment.

The last time I visited DXB Terminal 1 with BA (Jan 2015) I didn’t have the time to pop into the lounge, but I was really unimpressed with the terminal as a whole. It really seemed like a forgotten terminal, with lots of areas being boarded up, poorly painted and generally very temporary!

It was a stark contrast to the Emirates terminal when visiting in November and December 2015!

IMG_0152Before we hit the lounge, I must say the departures lounge ahead of the gates has been spruced up since that last visit.

They had some really neat seating in an open area which looked like a fairly comfortable place to sit, have a drink and hang out ahead of a flight if you didn’t have lounge access. Plenty of space, natural light from above and now single file benches like at most airports today.
Also, a few stations with power to charge any gadgets ahead of your travels

The Lounge

The lounge is in concourse D and is easy to find following the signs, as shown above in the images. It’s a long way from the airport door, including a monotrail journey and some walking!

It was manned by a friendly lady at a check in desk as you enter. Our boarding passes were causing her a bit of grief, but she took our details and let us carry on. Later on, she came to find us to let us know the issue was with our seating allocation being different to our boarding cards and that we had been bumped up a class, which was a pleasant surprise! The older lady opposite us clearly wasn’t impressed and really gave us the stink eye!

First impression of the lounge: Wow, this is small, is this all of it?!

I had expected more if I am honest. Perhaps the news of a refurb made me assume “Refurb = Better”.
Having visited a fair few lounges in my time, with a number of them being at much, much smaller airports, I was shocked by the size of the lounge available considering the number of OneWorld flights in/out of the terminal as well as the size of the aircraft coming and going. Ours alone was an over booked 4-class Boeing 777, of which I’m sure a percentage in Economy/Premium Economy (World Traveller/World Traveller Plus) must have status and lounge access too. This one flight could have filled a reasonable percentage of the lounge!

Seating facing away from frosted windows overlooking terminal

The bulk of the seating is in rows, with the seats opposite facing directly at you. Whilst this wasn’t necessarily a problem for us, it’s not particularly private and you do need to be somewhat conscious that anyone could hear your conversation, as above with the miserable woman overhearing our upgrade conversation.

A somewhat limited drinks selection if comparing to the lounges at Heathrow, although perfectly suitable for what you need, including alcoholic options for those that are desperate for a drop of alcohol after being fleeced in bars/restaurants in Dubai itself.

Drinks Bar – British Airways Lounge in Dubai Terminal 1

Food options left a lot to be desired. We didn’t allow much time between checkin and boarding and assumed we would be able to put something together in the lounge to keep us going for lunch. We were wrong.
A selection of bread sticks, arabic bread, hummus and salad bar were available with 2 or 3 dessert options were available. I probably should have, but didn’t even bother taking a picture of it.
No hot food or even finger sandwiches/potato chips to be found and i believe the same is to be said in the Concorde Room which is guarded by lock and key for 1st class travellers. I did see someone come out and grab a couple bits from this side though!

I’ll be back, as I’ll no doubt be back in Dubai for one reason or another, although if I’m hungry, I’ll probably grab a bite from one of the restaurants in the main terminal!

Category Rating Notes
Comfort 2/5 Limited seating with a cramped feel. No real privacy. Seats do have USB/Power for electronics
Cleanliness 4/5
Food & Drink 2/5 Limited to no real food options. Drinks redeemed this score
Staff 4/5 Friendly and attentive
Views 0/5 No Views. Windows are frosted and only overlooking terminal
Wi-Fi 5/5 Easy to connect, password in BA App. Quick
Overall 17/30 The lack of space, food and any outside view really impacts the score of this lounge.


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