Airport Lounge Access – You don’t need to be rich!

It’s a common misconception that in order to access an airport lounge when travelling you need to be part of the top tiers of an airlines loyalty scheme or traveling in a premium cabin.

There is an element of truth, as having airline status or traveling in a premium cabin will get you into that elusive special room, although there are other ways of gaining access!

Here are just a few options to get you into a more private space to relax and unwind with included food & drink, or even a space to catch a few zz’s during a long layover!

Bank/Credit Cards 

So many passengers are travelling without even realising they have airport lounge access!
Some bank or credit card accounts provide a range of different rewards such as Breakdown cover, mobile AmexToronto2phone/pet insurance or airport lounge access…. Yes, that’s right, the account you chose 3
years ago because you got vehicle breakdown may even give you access to somewhere to relax before a flight!

Which credit cards have lounge access? Holders of Amex or Mastercard credit cards can pay an annual fee to get unlimited access to airport lounges around the world, if you have a ‘premium’ bank account, it’s worth checking your T&Cs as an airport lounge pass is often included along with travel insurance and other benefits.
Lounge Subscriptions

Priority pass and Lounge Pass are subscription lounge access services, allowing access to nearly 1000 lounges worldwide priority-pass-loungefor just £15 a visit, so you’ll likely find a lounge wherever you are traveling!

These memberships widely accepted across europe and can be nicer than the exclusive airline lounges! As an example, the lounge these cards gets access too in Brussels airport is larger and has more food/drink options than the OneWorld lounge!

For full details, visit the Priority Pass or Lounge Pass websites.

Aspire Lounges

Aspire Lounges are popping up in airports more and more today. The biggest enhancement is the lounge recently opened in Heathrow Terminal 5, which is a BA (or at least OneWorld) exclusive AspirePodterminal. This never had any lounge access unless you had a OneWorld status of Silver or above.

As well as panoramic runway views, you’ll have access to the rest pods! A great solution to shaking off some jetlag or catching some sleep between flights.

You have an option of subscribing to the Aspire lounge scheme, or simply pay as you go for around £30 a visit for ‘Non-Members’.
The above Priority Pass and lounge pass memberships can gain access to these lounges free depending on your subscription!

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