Cheap day trips to Europe – British Airways

BA have a feature called ‘Hello Weekend’, focussing on short weekend getaways with hotels included in the costs. Some of these are pretty good, others aren’t due to the flying schedules.

Now BA have silently launched a feature called ‘Hello Day Trip’ for cheap flights (semi-last minute) based on a day return on a Saturday or Sunday.
Flights seem to switch to these sale fares around Wednesday/Thursday in readiness for the weekend. Prices are fixed once available, ranging between £79 to £99 with destinations including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Nice, Madrid, Manchester and many more! Heathrow to Nice has priced up as cheaper than Heathrow to Manchester!

ams nice bcn

Of course, flight schedules play a big part in this, so you’ll probably want to get an early morning flight out and a late return in order to make the most of the trip.

You’ll be entitled to full avios and Tier Points, although the sale fares are for economy bookings only.

Bookings are simple and can be made straight from the British Airways home page.

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