BREXIT – Is this the end of cheap Euro flights?

We all want cheap flights and a means of us having this privilege is thanks top Open Skies agreement.

“Open skies” represents one of the most tangible travel benefits of European Union membership. Since 1994, any EU airline has been free to fly between any two points in Europe.

The freedom to fly allowed easyJet and Ryanair to flourish, and has forced “legacy” carriers such as BA, Air France and Lufthansa to cut costs and fares. On any European journey you care to name, the typical fares are now around half what it was in the early 1990s – and anyone who can be flexible about timing can save even more, amongst other tricks we talk about 🙂

The remain campaigns made claim that this would be abolished if we chose to leave the EU. Digging a bit deeper, it seems this may not be entirely fact.

If the UK negotiates a similar arrangement to Norway, within the European Economic Area (EEA), then little would change. Norwegian airlines, a non-EU budget airline, flies successfully within Europe and from the UK to the US. We used Norweigan for a positioning EX-EU Tier Point Run to Vegas last year as they were cheaper than all the competition, while offering free in-flight wi-fi!

Boarding an @aerlingus A320 at Belfast City airport to Heathrow, a partner airline with #BritishAirways

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ALTHOUGH, if this isnt the case, then each route between the UK and EU destinations would need to be re-negotiated. This is an awful lot of work, so we are hoping this wont materialise as my assumption is that the cost of those negotiations would be recouped via Government or airline taxes.

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have easy access to America because of an EU-US treaty on open skies, so it is possible and hopefully very likely this isnt the end of cost effective flying in europe.

Given that London is a world hub for aviation, and a key destination for dozens of airlines, it looks unlikely that routes to and from the UK will be affected.


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