Aer Lingus – Belfast City to Heathrow

I’m trying something a little different this time, by giving a flight narration styled trip report, typing what i’m thinking whilst on board. Unsure if it’s a good idea, so feedback welcome. I was in a bit of a bad mood, that is probably reflected!
BHR-LHR is around an hour, so I thought this would be a way of passing the time.


The BA app notified me of check-in last night although it failed to let me start/complete the process. This was my hint that I’d be on a codeshare flight with Aer lingus, after specifically trying to avoid them this time!

Eventually got checked in on the Aer lingus app, although no option to choose my seat so I got lumbered with an aisle seat. My oneworld gold/emerald doesn’t stretch this far, despite them being Avios partners.

I headed for the lounge to see if I could access it and try my luck. The check-in lady took one look at my boarding pass and said I couldn’t visit. She then saw my gold card and her behaviour changed and couldn’t be happier to take my details and let me in.

I rarely drink alcohol in the lounge but I treated myself to a couple rum and cokes. Happy Friday.It’s been a long few months of travelling, with my Swarm/checkin app stating I’ve been checking into airports for 16 consecutive weeks!

Comfy seating in the Belfast City lounge. Great space before a short flight. #airportlounge

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Boarded the flight and you really notice the difference not having priority boarding! I’m not used to not selecting seats or joining a general boarding queue! What a snob I’ve become.

I took my (unwanted) aisle seat and continued to clear off a few emails while waiting to push back.
We got an announcement about a 30 minute operational delay. Fantastic. I’ve just brought Belfast city airport ATC (air traffic control) online and been thanked by everyone and this is my payback! I sent one last email, to the managers of city airport as a jokey winge! 🙂

Eventually we pushed back. Taxi out the the runway was smooth and direct, whilst the rain settled in.
Once we hit the runway, all cabin lights started flickering which is obviously a little unnerving.

Lights got shut off for a few seconds and they came back on as normal. Phew.
Almost immediately, engines were revved up and we hurtled down the runway.

As the wheels lifted off the ground, the aircraft dipped suddenly on the right hand side and could feel we were swaying whilst climbing.
Climbing is currently rather bumpy with some people looking a little concerned. The guy in my opposite row has even stopped dribbling on the window!

We’ve broken through the cloud now and things are stable. Still climbing slightly so the seatbelt signs are back on.

Crew are crashing and banging every door and trolley I think they possibly can whilst prepping the service trolley. Still disappointing that they don’t provide any complimentary drinks or snacks. A cup of water would do me just fine.

I wish the crew on board didn’t have such wide hips (I didn’t say fat, read into it however you like!) as each time one of them squeezes down the aisle I get a bashing in both directions. The service trolley went by without bumping me, which I was grateful of.

Unsure why the crew keep coming up and down. I suspect it’s to pick up a passengers €3.80 toasted sandwich.

Mr dribble has returned to his previous spot and making an unholy mess. ☔️

I don’t normally sit in rows beyond row 15, so it’s strange being right down the back in row 27. I’m still begrudging the aisle seat, especially after row 1a on the way here with BA.

Seat 1a with #britishAirways to Belfast. Personal greeting on boarding too was a nice touch. #toflytoserve

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BA seem pretty good and learning your seat preference as they always allocate me a window seat on all flights. Domestic I generally get Row 1.

Just went to the toilet. Here’s a picture of what that looks like, if that’s your kind of thing.

Nothing special to look at in here. At least direct Aisle seats get direct access to walk about
Nothing special to look at in here. At least direct Aisle seats get direct access to walk about

Here’s a picture from the galley looking towards the front.

Just sat back in my seat and put my seatbelt on. The captain has just given us a progress update. Landing due at 19:15ish. I hope we don’t end up holding in a stack. I just want to get home! A 90 minute drive home is calling!

Bloody cabin crew bashed me again. I’m well within my allocated seat space! 😤  I consider myself as being fairly slim too!

Contemplating eating the crisps I kept from the lounge. 30mins remaining of the flight so we are halfway now.

Jesus, she was in a rush to get back to the galley. A sausage roll must have been burning!
Glad I dodged that one. I can’t lean in anymore otherwise I’ll have my neighbour in the middle row sleeping on my shoulder!

Finally the cabin service has reached my row. Hopefully no more beatings for the rest of the flight.
Oh, there it is! Bending over to get s drink from a lower drawer with a butt straight in my face. This is getting a bit much. I’ll get a picture.

IMG_1465 Don’t think it does it justice. Maybe I’m just moody 😉

Service all done, although one crew member walking up and down with a gluten free snack pack. I think she forgot where the passenger was sat!

Announcement to prepare the flight for landing and for people to return to their seats. My shoulder is getting a rest.

Captain dribble is awake now. I forgot to check on him but think he’s ok.

Taking a few twists and turns now lining ourselves up with west London. I hope it’s a direct landing without any holding.

Oh, just realised this flight will arrive at T2! Glad I didn’t park in POD parking like before.

Few bumps and wobbles as we slowly descend. I don’t know where we are or what heading we are taking as I can’t see out any Windows and there are no screens in the ceiling showing progress.

Getting bumpier now. That was a big shake. Got a glimpse out the window and can see the wing flexing. Even though I know they are built to do that, it’s not so fun!

Cabin crew have asked us all to check our safety belts are fastened. They didn’t fancy the trip down the aisle themselves with the bumps. At least I know I won’t get bashed for the rest of the flight.

On final approach now. The guy behind has his head in his hands! Picture!


Touch down nice and smooth. Heavy in the breaks to turn off.

Flight over. Time for an uber back to the office for my car!

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