Review: LHR – ABZ in BUSINESS class!?

Wait, there must be a typo? Business class on a domestic flight between Heathrow and Aberdeen on British Airways? Yep, at least the seat was!

When checking into my flight on the Sunday evening 24 hours before my flight, I noticed my seat allocation had changed from Row 13, to Row 2. I was even more surprised to see the set map to look like this….

A321 seat - ex BMI
An unusual seat layout for an A321!

Obviously I did a little research online after thinking someone had sneezed when working out the seat arrangements. I found that some routes have been using ex mid-haul aircraft from the old BMI days to fulfil their schedule, which still had the old business class configuration. Usually these are used for flights to Moscow or Tel aviv.

The lounge


On arrival at the airport, I took a quick trip to the Galleries First Lounge (Flounge to some) in Terminal

Scones, Jam and clotted cream
Scones, Jam and clotted cream

5. Still a very warm space in my opinion. unsure if it’s the erratic weather, but the last few weeks it’s definitely been running hot!

It was an early evening flight and agreed to meet a colleague for dinner, so skipped ordering a meal and treated myself to some afternoon tea. I kept away from the bar too 😉

My body is a temple, at least I try convince myself sometimes!

The Flight

Boarding was nice and simple, with the usual boarding procedure being followed. I must have been the 3rd or 4th person on board due to status. turning in from the galley and I instantly see the business class seats. RESULT.

I was the only one in the cabin for a long while, but eventually it filled up. Everyone was very surprised by the seats on boarding. I lost count of the number of people taking a good look and asking questions of the crew, who were somewhat surprised themselves it seemed!

Yes Please. Give me ALL the legroom!
Yes Please. Give me ALL the legroom! The massage function was on the whole way!

Lay flat bed for a 1 hour was a bit of a novelty, and most on board gave it a go. The service itself was still the same, so no special treatment although for a short flight I wouldn’t have expected anything any different, not to mention none of us had paid for a business experience.

The massage function was a nice addition to a business class seat, not something i’ve had as an option even on long haul business, although the base of the seat did get pretty hard. BA are obviously getting good use out of them. Some replacement/extra padding wouldn’t go amiss.

Overall, a pleasant flight and an experience to boast about, as it’s not often you get a seat like that on such a short flight.
If Club Europe seats were of this style, at least then I would understand the price difference. The current club europe seating may allow flexibility in the cabin, although the quality over what’s being provided in economy is a farce.

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